Details of the incident that took place in the village of Shurnukh


As we have already informed, on August 3 at around 20:00, the organization received an alarm that 9 young people, including several LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) activists were attacked in Shurnukh village which is in the Syunik region.

The victims have told that still, on April 21 while walking in Goris, two men stopped two LGBTQ activists, E and H, and recognizing H,  attacked him, and as a result, left him with a bloody nose. Then they told the other activist to not interact with a person who has “such orientation”. On this occasion, the victims reported the incident to the Goris Police, however till today no development is known on the case.

On August 2, H and E and 7 friends were hosted near Goris in his home in Shurnukh village. That same day local residents threw rocks, ճայթուցիկներ, and tires towards the house.

On August 3 at around 20:00 in Goris, two հարձկված youth have come to H’s nearby home and using aggressive tones invited him to come outside to “talk”.

H and his guests noticed, that sheltered around were also dozens of people. H did not leave the house, as his brother and father interfered. At one point they all left the house and a verbal fight started. Those who were sheltered and more than 30 villagers joined the two men, and subjected violence against H and his guests. They hit with their legs, hands, and pushed them from hill, they threw rocks towards them as they shouted “leave homos” and “You are turks”.  The attackers cursed at H and his guest about their real or alleged sexual orientation and gender identity. The victims alerted the police at around 20:25.

The victims were forced to flee towards the highway, however, they were further pursued as their beatings continued. The victims tried to stop a car in order to plead for help. The attackers would not allow the cars that would stop to help the victims, saying, “do not take them, they are homos”. At some point, near the end of the village they stopped pursuing the victims.

At around 21:30 the victims, who were still trying to get help from passing cars, were met with a police car that was moving towards them. The police offered to return to the village for clarification. However, the victims refused and asked to be taken to Goris. Eventually, the police stopped a random bus, which they took to the city.

Six of the victims were transported to the hospital with light and medium injuries.  Of them, two were refused service with the reason that they did not have open wounds. And the two victims, who had the most serious injuries, received first medical attention on a paid basis.

The victims reported the crime to the Goris police department, giving an appropriate explanation of the case. A forensic medical examination was appointed.

We should also mention, that the Ombudsman office was informed of the details of the incident, however they did not contact any of the injured victims. Yesterday evening, according to the Ombudsman, they contacted the police.

All the victims are now in a safe place.

We will notify you about our case in future publications.

It should be mentioned, that of the victims two employees of Pink Armenia and one member of the organization are among the injured.