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An unprecedented decision in a domestic violence case 

On January 23, 2024, the social worker of the Pink Human Rights Defender NGO applied to police reporting that the father of a beneficiary who had sought assistance from the organization had been confining him in inhumane conditions for a month and subjecting him to abuse because of his sexual… Read More

Training for students specializing in mental health

Pink Human Rights Defender NGO organized a three-day training for students specializing in mental health. The aim of the training was to increase the awareness and sensitivity of future professionals on topics related to sexuality. During the sessions, the participants explored issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, and the unique… Read More

Armenia must act to prevent discrimination against LGBTI people

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe published a written statement on anti-discrimination legislation in Armenia․The statement was initiated by Fourat Ben Chikha, the leader of the Belgian Groen Gent Party, and was signed by 19 other parliamentarians. The statement says:… Read More

Pink’s new strategic planning process has begun

Pink started the process of creating a new strategic document during the annual planning. Pink’s annual planning provides an opportunity to thoroughly discuss the existing issues and opportunities, on the basis of which the future activities of the organization are built. Back in the second half of last year, the… Read More

Annual Rainbow Forum 2023: Looking Inward

This year, the 8th Rainbow Forum, which has already become a tradition to be held each year, took place from November 30th to December 2nd. Around 155 people participated in the three-day forum, including LGBT+ people, their parents, civil society representatives, artists, activists, lawyers, healthcare professionals, and more. The forum… Read More