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Activists talk: Lilit Avetisyan

The next participant in our Pride Month online campaign is Lilit Avetisyan. Lilit has been working at Pink human rights defender NGO for years; therefore, activism is a part of her career.   Years ago, when Lilit became interested in activist ideas and values, she realized that it was all very… Read More

Activists talk: Artak Adam

The other participant of our Pride Month online campaign is Artak Adam, who works at ”DiverCity” social-cultural human rights defender NGO as the organization’s development officer.   From the beginning, Artak needed a space for self-expression and self-realization, but he did not have the opportunity to express himself the way… Read More

Activists talk: Karine Aghajanyan

Our next Pride Month activism campaign participant is Karine Aghajanyan, the current chairperson of Pink human rights defender NGO. Karine has been engaged in activism since 2010. The homicide of Zaruhi Petrosyan was the driving force for Karine to get involved in activism. Zaruhi Petrosyan has been subjected to domestic… Read More

Activists talk: Kuka Kasyan

Pink’s Pride Month online campaign’s next participant is Kuka Kasyan, a trans woman, activist, and currently the executive director of the Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protection. Kuka has been involved in activism for a long time. She interprets her activist nature as a force from within herself, which gradually… Read More

Activists talk: Lilit Martirosyan

This year, within the framework of Pride Month, we prepared an online campaign involving LGBT activists who speak about their activist experience and share stories of their activism. Articles and short videos will be published based on video interviews with activists involved in the online campaign.   Our first guest… Read More

Letter to a parent. I’m ready to fight

LGBT persons wrote letters to their families. The organization’s volunteers read them and made videos. Dear mother-in-law, maybe, since the day when you found out you’ll have a daughter, your Armenian society lightkeeper has given you an idea that one day someone will call you… Read More

Coming Out

Article by Gabe Mugalian Art by Michelle Der Vartanian In 2015, Armenia infamously placed 47th out of 49 European and Eurasian countries in a ranking of civil liberties, protections, and recognition allowed to queer (LGBTQ) folk by their governments. Four years later, after… Read More

Letter to a parent. Love isn’t valued in this city

LGBT persons wrote letters to their families. The organization’s volunteers read them and made videos. Hi, Mom. Maybe you’ll be surprised that I’m writing you a letter instead of talking with you, but I have many things in my life which I can’t say that’s… Read More