Recap | November 2023


Exhibition: Voices of Resilience

Pink Armenia, with the support of Women’s Fund, organized a queer exhibition last week called the “Voices of Resilience.” The works presented at the exhibition reflected the feelings, thoughts and self-expression of women, queer and intersex people through art.

The opening of the exhibition took place on November 25, the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

Annual Rainbow Forum 2023: Looking Inward

The 8th Rainbow Forum, which has already become a tradition to be held each year, took place from November 30th to December 2nd. Around 155 people participated in the three-day forum, including LGBT+ people, their parents, civil society representatives, artists, activists, lawyers, healthcare professionals, and more.

The Rainbow Forum 2023 not only strengthened the LGBT+ movement but also provided a platform for diverse voices and perspectives. The Rainbow Forum was also a space to promote mutual understanding, empathy, and support in our society.

Together We Can Prevent Violence

The Coalition to Stop Violence against Women, of which Pink is also a member, started the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence with a candlelight vigil. On the evening of November 25, the activists and allies gathered in Republic Square, together with the members of the coalition, lit candles and stood around them with banners, calling to unite against violence, not to be indifferent, and oppose violence, because gender-based violence affects everyone. The event was titled “Together We Can Prevent Violence.”

LGBT+ Social Issues through Film and Architecture

As part of a groundbreaking collaboration to raise awareness of the social challenges facing the LGBT+ community, Pink and the Copenhagen Architecture Festival launched an innovative initiative. This project aims to reveal often overlooked stories and rarely heard voices.

The project launched with a series of public lectures emphasizing the interplay between queer identity and urbanism, and how urban environments shape and influence queer identities.

Another important part of the project is the fellowship program where five individuals will be selected to participate in workshops and create short films. These films will serve as a visual narrative, shedding light on social issues prevalent in the country that are intertwined with queer identity. Public screenings of the films will be organized in Yerevan, then in Tbilisi and Copenhagen.