Allies talk: Vahe Asryan, doctor-sexologist


Society is a living organism for me, and each one of us is a cell of that organism. Being a doctor, I emphasize the health of each cell of that organism, the well-being of each cell. If every cell in that organism feels good, then we will have a healthy society.

Being a doctor means helping people: Helping regardless of anyone’s gender, age, color, nationality, religion, social status, family status, political views, regardless of sexual orientation and sexual culture.

Besides helping, there is a very important concept in medicine. It’s about not harming. Non nocere in Latin means do not harm.

LGBT people are also getting harmed in our country. And it is hard to be understood that you help someone because you don’t differentiate people based on some criteria. You help a person because they are human beings – a human being that can be different.

It is essential that a person does not spread hatred even when they don’t love someone, as by harming any other human we damage the whole living organism’s health. I am convinced that each one of us is responsible for the health of this living organism, the society. And it is important that each of us bears this responsibility – that we do not harm another person and as a result make our society a worse place; that we do not worsen the conditions that already exist in our country.

My idea, my suggestion is not something complicated, I think it is viable. Let’s not harm ourselves, Noli nocere!

This material was made possible through the support from the “Allies in Action” program by COC Netherlands and ILGA-Europe.