Announcement about the death of a young person in Hotel Ani


On February 11, 2017, 23-year-old Russian citizen Zurab Nemsadze has presumably committed suicide in of the rooms of the Ani Plaza hotel [in Yerevan].

According to a number of media reports, a young man had previously filed a police complaint against Zurab, accusing him of sexual assault. [The man also alleged that Nemsadze] had filmed the assault and spread the pornographic video on the Internet. Moreover, it was noted [in the media reports] that the young man has subsequently attempted suicide.

The media, however, failed to mention that Zurab, along with PINK Armenia, had also filed a police report about the above-mentioned young man being in danger, and the motives behind his suicide attempt.

According to Zurab, he had come to Armenia in the beginning of February at the request of his partner, the aforementioned young man, to help him handle family pressure. Currently, PINK Armenia does not have information on the young man’s whereabouts.

In connection with Zurab’s death, [Armenia’s law enforcement authorities] have opened a criminal case of abetment to suicide. Prior to his death, Zurab had given PINK Armenia and the NGO”s lawyers a power of attorney, on the basis of which we will represent his rights during the proceedings.

To ensure that the investigation is executed properly, PINK Armenia urges media to be vigilant, to provide a comprehensive coverage, and to keep the case in the spotlight in order to reveal the truth. We also call on the law enforcement authorities to establish the truth without prejudice, to find and punish the real perpetrators of the crime.

Let’s keep in mind that this story has already led to one tragedy, but if there is a likelihood of another tragedy, it has to be prevented as soon as possible.

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