Capacity building trainings for LGBT community members


In September 2017, PINK has organized sets of capacity building trainings and working groups for LGBT community members and allies in Armenia.

The first training course aimed at raising the capacity of participants on how to develop and implement projects, how to fundraise and how to organize initiatives and engage in LGBT movement and activism in Armenia.
The second training course aimed at raising the knowledge of community members on human rights and human rights protection mechanisms. Particularly, in the framework of the training course we have discussed what are the human rights, the existing legal framework and international treaties to protect the human rights of LGBT people, as well as what to do when human rights are being violated, how to prevent human rights violations. Moreover, together with the community members we have discussed what is advocacy, as well as how to organize an advocacy campaign.

The third training was dedicated to media communication. The participants have learned how to communicate with media, how to organize and participate to media discussions, how to write a press release, how to organize press conferences and how to give interviews. During the media training we have also invited several journalists, who have previously participated to training courses organized by PINK for the journalists on how to cover LGBTI issues in media.

Overall, about 50 LGBT community members and allies have participated to training courses during September. Moreover, as PINK Armenia works with different initiative groups․ Organization has supported those initiatives and provided them space and resources to strategize their plans. Particularly, the organization has supported the LGBTI Shelter Initiative in Armenia, Rainbow Advocacy Group and Researchers Team on LGBTI to develop their plans and activities.