Letter to a parent. Love isn’t valued in this city


LGBT persons wrote letters to their families. The organization’s volunteers read them and made videos.

Hi, Mom.

Maybe you’ll be surprised that I’m writing you a letter instead of talking with you, but I have many things in my life which I can’t say that’s why I have to write. I hope one day I could.

I have to ask you to write an answer instead of telling me anything because now I can’t speak to you.

I thought a lot before making this, and I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate my candor; you always loved it. All this time you didn’t know one thing. I kept it, I lied or something else – doesn’t matter.  The significance is you didn’t know about it.

I assume – you always knew. Oh, how could you not know when there’s something big bothering your child. Bothers me not the loving someone, but exactly to love in general. Mostly, love isn’t valued in this city, and this brings big problems.

Yes, Mom; I am many things – I love boys, I love girls, these two types of love I like very much, beyond all measure.
A lot of people say I can’t seem to make up my mind. But that’s a lie!

Imagine you like just only orange and don’t like an apple. It would be bad, isn’t it? So the same thing is in me – I can love both. And nothing is changing, no. I still love. I’m still the same person.

Mom, I have no idea how you feel now, but I feel very bad, very lonely, vulnerable and abandoned. When I imagine you’ll feel bad reading this, I feel bad too.

But I’m sure everything will be all right, cuz I know, I remember how you love me; I remember you told me – no matter what you’re gonna be right there with me.

I believe you, Mom.