LGBT topics are used in political manipulations


Lately different political groups, have used LGBT issues to spread manipulative, intolerant and hateful information․ We and international human rights organizations have raised concerns about the dangers of spreading hateful, discriminatory and violent messages towards LGBT community by statesmen and political groups. This kind of behavior is against human rights and deepens intolerance in society. Unfortunately, some political parties continue to misuse LGBT topics for their own political benefit and to please the public. The same politicians introduce bills that limits the rights of LGBT people which are not only discriminatory and antidemocratic but also pursue a certain political goal. This is an attempt to raise public interest by creating scandals, to gain popular support or to oppose political rivals to show that they are traditional, and the political authorities are “anti-national”.

At the same time, we have to point out that the media also has a social responsibility to promote equality in society. The media can encourage tolerance and intercultural understanding, and help eliminate negative stereotypes and assumptions about minorities. Unfortunately, we have to state that some media representatives continue to spread hateful, villainizing, discriminatory and violent speech.

The messages spread by well-known politicians, public figures and media representatives which spread hate between some groups in society and promote violence get to a broader audience. This can lead to social dissidence and mass crime which is a threat to state security.

Therefore we call on members of political parties:
  • To refrain from spreading hateful and villainizing messages, and statements which will divide the society and cause violence,
  • To refrain from spreading false and defamatory information,
  • Not to lead into temptation of gaining political dividends at the price of human rights and safety of society.
To media representatives:
  • To refrain from spreading false, defamatory, unchecked information,
  • Stop the spread of hate speech in different media platforms,
  • Cooperate with professional organizations and human rights defenders to get unbiased information.