Paradjanov’s son considers father’s same-sex relationships possible


Suren Parajanov the son of movie maker Sergey Parajanov does not exclude that his father had relationships with men, he discussed this with the Ukrainian online magazine GORDON.

“It could happen due to an agreement. Many women and men, who want to star in great director’s films, are ready for anything. Many of such people came to my father. Some of them appealed even to me on this issue.”-said Parajanov’s son, who is also a movie maker.

He noted that everything with an agreement is not criminal.“The coercive cases, yes, are criminal, but my father did not possess such force to do this coercively”.

He also added that imprisoning Parajanov on homosexual articles was spurious. “If he was thinking about something, he always said italoud. All this ended with his imprisonment, but what articles could he be imprisoned on? They were presenting 12 articles and the worst of them was chosen for the mostsevere punishment, but the charges were actually fictitious.

Photo of Sergey and Suren Parajanov (photo credit: GORDON)