Pink Armenia urges against Robert Aharonyan attacks

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Considering the Media’s and public interest in the video with the Leader of Armenian Social Movement, Robert Aharonyan, Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO (Pink Armenia) as the LGBT people rights defender organization announces that it has no connection with this spread video and with “Let’s expose homophobic gays” initiative that has distributed the video.

Therefore, Pink Armenia exhorts all to avoid the attacks and censures against Robert Aharonyan based on his sexual orientation or sexual behavior.

Pink Armenia calls on both LGBT community and people out of this community to approach with understanding to the recent events.

Many people are known in the world who have suffered from the internal homophobia, i.e., not accepting their homosexual orientation; they tent to projected self hatred to other members of LGBT community (more details on this article).

This is not the fault of these victims that fight against LGBT community while being gay themselves; the reason is rooted in the negative attitude towards LGBT people from society. As a result, many homosexual people implement homophobic campaigns to save themselves.

Recognizing the current level of Robert Aharonian’s vulnerability and his problematic situation, Pink Armenia offers its support to him and is ready to provide psychosocial assistance.