Pink’s 2022 planning


From January 10 to 14th, Pink’s annual planning took place. The staff members of the Yerevan office and regions took part in the planning, including the new employees who joined our team recently.

During the planning, we discussed the organization’s activities and strategic directions, we took a look back at the activities carried out during the previous year and developed the action plan for this year.

The activities carried out during 2021 were summarized, the achievements and the gaps were presented. We referred to the situational risks and opportunities identified during the previous year’s strategic planning.

Pink’s annual planning was full of various discussions, particularly aimed at developing and improving the strategic directions of the organization.

Pink always stands by its beneficiaries, tries to do its best to ensure the well-being of the LGBT community, and is constantly evolving as a community-based organization. It goes without saying that annual planning plays a key role in achieving all this.