Recap | June 2023


“Activists Talk” Online Campaign

On Pride Month, Pink launched an online campaign titled “Activists Talk.” Armenian LGBTQ activists participated in the campaign, including Lilit Martirosyan, trans activist and chairperson of Right Side NGO, Lilit Avetisyan, project coordinator of Pink NGO, Karine Aghajanyan, Pink’s newly elected chairperson, Kuka Kasyan, executive director of the Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protection, and Artak Adam from DiverCity NGO, responsible for the development of the organization.

The campaign was a series of video stories featuring the LGBTQ activists mentioned above, where they talked about how their activism journey began, what issues initially concerned them when they were developing as activists, and shared the challenges they faced during their activism, as well as their achievements, and the factors of their motivation as activists.

Articles were also prepared based on each interview conducted with the participants, which detailed their activities and thoroughly presented their activist path.

Pink’s Roundtable Discussion as the Main Event of Pride Month

On June 16, Pink’s roundtable discussion entitled “Effectiveness of legal protection mechanisms for LGBT people” took place. At the event, “The human rights situation of LGBT people in Armenia during 2022” annual report published by Pink was presented. The report summarizes the 2022 human rights violations combined with discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity recorded by the organization.

Representatives of civil society and LGBT people and representatives of international structures, embassies and state bodies, including the RA Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs, the Ombudsperson’s Office, etc., participated in the discussion.

Karine Aghajanyan, the chairperson of “Pink” human rights defender NGO, European Union Ambassador Andrea Victorin, and Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Sweden in Armenia Klaas Waldenström made an opening speech, noting the importance of having an inclusive society in Armenia.

During the discussion, Pink’s lawyers represented the human rights violations combined with discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity recorded in 2022, the new legislative regulations, and the effectiveness of their application.

The discussion was concluded with the proposals of “Pink” human rights defender NGO addressed to state bodies, mass media, and the Ombudsperson.

Pride Camp organized by Pink

As part of Pride Month this year, Pink organized various community events, the most important of which is the Pride Camp. The camp aimed to teach participants to harness the transformative power of artistic expression as a tool for social change.

During the camp, participants explored the powerful connection between art and activism. Through seminars, discussions, games and workshops, participants were immersed in art activism using different art forms. The participants also became more familiar with raising awareness about the rights of LGBT+ people, due to which they will also be able to carry out awareness activities and strengthen their struggle.