Terms of reference for website development


Pink human rights defender NGO is looking for web developers or a company to redesign and rebuild the organization’s website based on the organization’s needs.

Pink will contract a web developer company of individual programmers to provide technical assistance in developing Pink’s website.

The TA aims to:

  • Analyze and assess the technical capacities,
  • Write clean, functional code on the front- and back-end,
  • Make it accessible, responsive on different browsers and devices, and user-friendly,
  • Redesign and modernize the website,
  • Testing and fixing bugs or other coding issues.

The tasks are flexible; thus, depending on the technical proposal of the applicant, tasks may be alternated, changed, and re-evaluated.

The duration of the TA is two months, with a possibility of an extension.

It is required to have a responsive landing page for the website, which will allow users to access the information they need and clearly understand the organization’s work and mission, as well as make it appealing and accessible for website visitors. Overall, the website should be easy to navigate for the visitors and easy to manage for the editors and content creators.

Criteria for evaluation

Until 16 October 2022 interested participants are requested to submit to Pink Armenia via e-mail: [email protected]:

  • The work plan,
  • Budget,
  • The qualification and CVs of the persons involved,
  • The portfolio of previous works,
  • Proof of being legally entitled to conduct the assignment per Armenia’s laws.

The financial offer includes VAT, any cost needed to undertake the assignment, and fees for the expert/s. It is understood that no additional cost – in addition to that indicated in the contract between Pink Armenia and the successful bidder – will be covered by Pink Armenia for this task.

The selection of the candidate will be made as per the following criteria:

  • Coherence of the proposed work plan with the requested assignment,
  • Qualification of the team under the scope of the assignment,
  • Best value for money (financial offer).


  • By participating in this tender, the candidates explicitly recognize that they will operate under the supervision of Pink Armenia,
  • The contract with the successful bidder will be governed by the laws of Armenia and by the rules,
  • Should no proposal submitted meet the requested standard, Pink Armenia reserves the right not to assign the bidder through this tender.