The conference “Joining Efforts” devoted to HIV-related issues was held


On October 2, the National Consortium on HIV response, including “Real World, Real People” NGO, “Potential of Awakening” NGO and “Public Information and Need for Knowledge” NGO (PINK Armenia), organized the national conference “Joining Efforts” in the National Center for AIDS Prevention, which aimed to identify the problems of people living with HIV and the most at risk population towards HIV in Armenia and to look for ways to resolve the problems.

Researches, international and local documents’ studies were represented during the event, particularly, the study “Discrimination towards people living with HIV, LGBT people and PUD in Different Spheres of social life,” the report “The possibility of introducing gender-sensitive standards in HIV/AIDS counteraction policies and programs in Armenia”.

In 2018 the registered number of HIV infected people has increased by 296 in Armenia. From 1988 to August 31, 2018 3204 people living with HIV have been registered in Armenia, the majority of which are men, 69% (2222). In Armenia, HIV is mostly transmitted through heterosexual intercourse (69%), followed by injection (29%) and 4% of HIV transmission is through homosexual intercourse.

Representatives of state, international and local organizations, as well as people living with HIV, participated in the meeting.

During the meeting a social experiment about attitude towards people living with HIV was released, which you can watch below.