This year begins with significant changes


We began the year with a number of significant changes: the organization has been re-registered as “Pink” human rights defender NGO and no longer carries the name “Public Information and Need of Knowledge”. We have updated our charter; our beneficiaries are now clearly marked LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) persons, their family members, their supporters, persons living with HIV and most at risk population toward HIV. The charter also lists the services provided in accordance to RA legislation, which include legal, social, psychological and other support to people subjected to discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression and other characteristics, as well as to victims of hate crime and hate speech. This circumstance is unique in the current legal framework of Armenia and among the existing NGOs, as the public authorities avoid any marking in the legal/official documents on these groups.

The organization has chosen a new president this year. Let us remind that the president of the organization is elected by the General Assembly for 2 years. The years of the presidency of Nvard Margaryan can be rightly regarded as a blossoming period for the organization’s activity, and we extend our profound gratitude and sincere best wishes for its untiring and efficient work.

Pink’s new president is Lilit Avetisyan. She has worked for many years at Pink, able to earn the trust and respect of the organization’s members, employees, partners, supporters, and the entire community, thanks to her diligence, professional knowledge and human qualities. Lilit Avetisyan coordinated and implemented a number of programs that are important not only for the development of the  LGBT community and our organization, but also for the protection of human rights. We wish her new heights.