“Act!” exhibition-competition


With great pleasure we invite you to the “Act” competition-exhibition devoted to the HIV/AIDS and human rights issues.

The exhibition will take place on 10th of December, Human Rights Day. It will be launched at 11 am. The official opening by Advocacy Group on AIDS will be at 14pm. The art works of the exhibition are presented at National Children’s Library of Armenia after Khnko-Aper. (address: 42/1 Teryan str.).

«Act» competition-exhibition is a platform of creativity which aims to show the problems of HIV/AIDS and human rights via visual methods. The presented works express the problem of HIV/AIDS, the influence on human rights and everyday life.

We are sure that art is a powerful political and social environment and gives opportunity to show the ways by which it can influence the highlighting of issues concerning HIV/AIDS.

By the works presented during the competition-exhibition, by changing people’s perceptions on issues concerning HIV/AIDS and human rights, the participants have opportunity to win a present. Two presents will be awarded: the one liked the most by the audience and the one liked by the jury.

The members of the jury are one representative each from the organizations of Advocacy Group on AIDS and Open Society Foundations – Armenia.

The organizer of the competition-exhibition is Advocacy Group on AIDS with the financial support of Open Society Foundations – Armenia.