After Azerbaijan, Armenia is the worst regarding LGBTI rights


ILGA-Europe published the annual “Rainbow Europe” report, which states that as of 2017, among 49 countries Armenia is the second last in respect to the LGBTI human rights protection.

Although Armenia՛s laws on LGBTI persons have neither improved nor regressed, the previoussecond last Russia has risen by three places as a result of positive changes, causing Armenia to drop a step, still maintaining the 7%.

Human rights protections based on local legal regulations are divided by ILGA-Europe into these categories: equality and non-discrimination, family, hate crime and hate speech, legal gender recognition and bodily integrity, civil society space and asylum.

According to ILGA-Europe, Armenia has two points for civil society space and two points in the areas of legal gender recognition and bodily integrity. They are the following: no state obstruction of freedom for associations to operate, no laws limiting the freedom of expression, trans people can marry a person of another gender, and medically assisted insemination.

Azerbaijan remains in the last place according to the report, with 5%. Armenia is followed by Turkey with 9%.

Malta is again in the first place with 91%, followed by Belgium and Norway with 79% and 78%.