Armenia is number 3 among unfavorable countries for LGBTI people in Europe


Hostility and discrimination against LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) people remained widespread in Armenia. Hate speech and violence were still pervasive, while the police and the judiciary systematically added to the predicament of victims and prisoners. Homophobic and transphobic tensions mounted as Armenia announced it would join the Eurasian Economic Union, says ILGA-Europe’s annual review called “Rainbow Europe”, which was published on May 10.

Among 49 European countries Armenia is 47rd as a favorable place for LGBTI people. Set against this exceedingly negative backdrop, NGOs have hinted that the LGBTI community has begun to emigrate from Armenia.

Only Russia and Azerbaijan are behind Armenia holding 48 and 49 places respectively. The leader in the region is Georgia which is on 22nd place, and Turkey is the 44th.

“Rainbow Map” of ILGA-Europe studies LGBTI related laws on discrimination, recognition of family, hate speech and hate crime, legal gender recognition, freedom of assembly, association & expression and asylum. In this respect, Armenian legislation assures 9% of LGBT rights protection.

Although none of the countries has reached the level of 100%, Great Britain is close to the creation of a perfect situation for LGBTI people, where the laws ensure 86% of their rights protection.