Robert Davidian is an exceptionally professional independent video producer/video camera operator/video editor. Since 1994 and through his company, Davidian Video Productions, he has added his creativity to a variety of types of projects, while always bringing the client’s vision to the screen and creating a comfortable relationship with producer and talent. Mr. Davidian is originally from New York City and has lived in Los Angeles for half his life. He loves working, spending time with family and Rollerblading in both cities.

While working on shows, news features, promotional and educational videos for networks from MTV and Discovery to the Oxygen Network and BBC, and corporations from Toyota and Deloite, to Sony and Nike, Mr. Davidian is especially proud of the school, orphanage and medical clinic documentary work he has done in his ancestral homeland, Armenia. He is especially proud of his current project, “ARMENIAN ACTIVISTS NOW!”

Hours of interviews and street actions with Armenia’s few dedicated activists were filmed in the summer of 2011. Young people in Armenia are tech enabled, energetic and ready to act for democracy. Receiving this added encouragement and inspiration by viewing current activists in the movie will create future activists! The time is right for Armenian Activists Now!

People power in Armenia will inspire future activists.

Free and fair elections, rule of law, a civil democratic society… These are familiar in most countries, but in Armenia, many have lost hope of ever having them. The mission of this film is to show that there is hope for change if people want to get involved and make change. “Change” that is based on social and political justice based on rule of law and participation by all. ANYONE and EVERYONE can become an activist – and in a democracy, everyone MUST be one. Only with activism can there be change.

The documentary is produced and directed by Robert Davidian, it shows the birth of activism and the social issues it aims to change in Armenia, as told by the activists themselves.

Information via Davidian Video Productions Youtube and Vimeo channels