Biannual summary of discrimination-related violations


As we mentioned earlier, in the first half of 2019 Pink Armenia documented 24 discrimination-related violations. 13 more violations were documented during July-December 2019.

2 cases of domestic violence were registered. When family members of the victims learned about their sexuality, they kept them locked down and deprived access to means of communication. One of the victim’s mother organized the abduction. In this case, criminal proceedings were instituted, but domestic violence didn’t become the subject of investigation. The other victim didn’t want to apply to the law enforcement bodies.

Violations against LGBT people in the field of employment were registered. The head of a governmental body informed the gay employee that his colleagues didn’t want to work with him because of his sexual orientation, and asked to terminate the contract based on his resignation letter. The applicant didn’t want to have a bad relationship with his colleagues and provided the resignation letter. After all, the applicant didn’t want to restore his rights in the court.

There were 3 registered cases of physical abuse, related to gender identity and expression. including abuses of honor, dignity, disclosure of confidentiality of private life, extortion.

In 6 cases, transgender women have become the target of discrimination.

Applications were submitted to the law enforcement bodies regarding the 7 cases, for taking measures to punish the perpetrators. Four of the applications have not proceeded as the criminal cases were dismissed. 1 case is in a judicial inquiry, and two are under investigation. It is notable that in none of the cases the crimes are investigated on the grounds of the hatred based on the sexuality of the victims or negative attitude. This is a consequence of the absence of comprehensive law on prohibition of discrimination in the Republic of Armenia. And furthermore, sexual orientation and gender identity are not parts of the legal framework for the protection from discrimination.