Coronavirus and the new challenges for LGBTQ people


With the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, day by day people are facing new challenges. Various sectors in Armenia have found themselves in a difficult situation by suspending work.

It is especially difficult for vulnerable groups who are under constant pressure and discrimination regardless of the state of emergency. In particular, various social and psychological problems have arisen for LGBTQ people. Many have lost their jobs and found themselves on the edge of poverty due to financial difficulties.

It is a pity that the stigma and discrimination of medical workers, their families, and the general public attitude force LGBTQ people to avoid receiving medical care and state support.

People who have been abused at home by their family members or partners are now forced to stay at home, thus increasing the vulnerability of being abused.

These difficult times are a challenge for vulnerable groups, especially for LGBTQ people, but they say the rainbow appears after the rain.