December at Pink


Pink held several events in December. December 5th was International Volunteers Day, therefore we gathered with our former and current volunteers to celebrate the role and importance of volunteers.

Participants and volunteers talked about their work, shared their experiences, and discussed the necessity of voluntary work. We once again remembered their support and help, as well as its results, and together we celebrated this symbolic day. We also presented volunteering opportunities that will be available at Pink next year.

In addition, Pink organized another follow-up meeting within the framework of the Rainbow Forum on internalized LGBT-phobia. This topic is very important because internalized fears, internalized homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, racism, xenophobia are part of our daily lives, they can hinder us and the people around us, damage community unification and empowerment.

Thus, we work with the community during a two-day camp, where we spoke about the different forms of xenophobia and their manifestations through a historical overview, presentation of studies, as well as engaging with a psychologist in special workshops. Through professional research on internalized fears, we tried to understand their underlying reasons, from political and psychological perspectives. The camp was held in an informal atmosphere, during which space was provided for participants to talk and share their opinions.

Another discussion on “Steps and Approaches Towards the Legal Gender Recognition” was organized, which took place on the 17th of December. Representatives of “Pink” and “Right Side” human rights defender NGOs, trans, non-binary persons and allies were present.

During the meeting, the issue of legal gender recognition was discussed at the legislative and practical levels, as well as the work done by non-governmental organizations to implement regulatory mechanisms and further plans.

As a result of the meeting, a working group was formed, which at the moment consists of several staff members of Pink, Right Side and trans people. The working group will have regular meetings aiming to involve more interested people in these processes.

December was a very active month at Pink, we organized various other events, discussions, and meetings.