Do not manipulate LGBT issues to get political dividends


Extraordinary parliamentary elections are going to be held in Armenia on December 9, 2018.

We state with regret that some political unions running for parliamentary extraordinary elections have already started actively manipulating LGBT topics to get political dividends. We, representatives of PINK Armenia, have repeatedly stated that LGBT issues are being artificially exaggerated on the background of each political situation, and LGBT people become target for various speculations and scapegoating.

We are calling to

All political unions:

a. To resist the temptation and not to manipulate LGBT issues with the aim to gain political points;
b. Respect the fundamental human rights and freedoms and initiate concrete steps in political programs aiming at promoting real equality instead of inciting hatred;
c. Plan concrete actions in political programs to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Media representatives։

a. Avoid dissemination of misinformation and do not publish unspecified or defamatory and offensive information in various media platforms;
b. Prevent the spread of hate speech in different media platforms;
c. Collaborate with specialized organizations and human rights defenders in the field to provide comprehensive information.