End Inequalities, End AIDS


World AIDS Day is commemorated on December 1 every year since 1988. It is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS caused by the spread of HIV infection.

Since the discovery of HIV in 1983, an estimated 78 million people have contracted HIV and approximately 35 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses. Even though there has been substantial progress over time, today HIV continues to have a global impact.

From 1988 to October 30, 2021, a total of 4498 cases of HIV infection were diagnosed in Armenia, out of which 2184 were AIDS cases. During this period, 1,012 people died of AIDS. 74 cases of HIV were registered among children aged 0-15, out of which there were 41 cases of AIDS. From January 1 to October 30, 2021, 344 new cases of HIV infection were diagnosed among Armenian citizens, 163 of which were cases of AIDS.

All around the world, including in Armenia, there is an existing discriminatory attitude towards HIV and AIDS-related issues, which deprives people living with HIV of having adequate access to health services.

This year, World AIDS Day has a special theme – “End Inequalities, End AIDS”. The World Health Organization stated that the slogan aims to highlight the growing inequalities in accessing essential HIV services. Indeed, there are numerous structural, economic, social, and legal inequalities obstructing proven solutions to HIV prevention and treatment, and they should be ended urgently to combat AIDS.

Tackling inequalities will not only contribute to ending AIDS but also advance the human rights of individuals at higher risk of contracting HIV and people living with HIV. Ending inequalities requires global changes in political, economic, and social policies to protect the rights of everyone and pay special attention to the needs of underprivileged and marginalized communities.

Spreading vital information, helping to remove the stigma of the disease, and getting tested will be a huge asset in preventing the contraction or spread of HIV. To mark World AIDS Day, let us join our efforts and continue to make progress.