Government of Armenia did not take steps to protect LGBTI people. HRW report


In 2016 government of Armenia has not addressed hate speech or discrimination against LGBTI people, is stated in 2017 report of Human Rights Watch (HRW), adding that LGBTI people continue to face discrimination, harassment and violence.

Citing PINK Armenia’s survey of attitudes towards LGBT people in Armenia, is mentioned that 90 percent of the population is hostile to LGBTI people and support limits on their rights.

HRW’s report showcases the events which took place in 2016, nevertheless, there are few cases which are brought to the research from 2015, particularly, it recalls Rainbow LGBT forum after which anonymous people targeted some participants with intimidation and threats, mostly on social media, including to burn and kill them. Authorities refused to launch a criminal investigation into the threats, citing lack of evidence.

Besides, referring to PINK Armenia’s annual report, HRW reminded that 46 were documented of violence and discrimination against LGBTI people in 2015.

For the second year in a row HRW stresses that gender identity and sexual orientation are not included as protected grounds in anti-discrimination or hate speech laws, limiting legal recourse for many crimes against LGBTI people (No anti-discrimination or hate speech laws are currently in place in Armenia, editor).