Happy Independence Day

photo by civilnet.am, poster prepared by PINK Armenia
photo by civilnet.am, poster prepared by PINK Armenia

The Declaration on Independence was adopted by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Armenia on August 23, 1990. By the Supreme Council of Armenia’s decision on September 21 of 1991 was held referendum on secession from the USSR. “For” the independence voted 94.99 percent of the citizens who have rights to vote. On 23 September the Supreme Council proclaimed Armenia an independent state.

This year Republic of Armenia marks its 23rd year of independence.

Independence is not only national emblems or hymn singing, Armenia’s flag hanging from the balconies and speeches pronounced with pathos on 21 September.

You have the independence if only the constitution and laws of the Republic of Armenia are valid for the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia, if the bearer of the statehood is the people of the same state, who exercises the authority directly and through its representative bodies on the based on the constitution and laws of our country.

You are independent when the citizens of the state are protected and aided by the state, when the state guarantees the free and equal development of its citizens regardless of national origin, race, social, religious affiliation, age, sex, sexual orientation and physical features. You are independent when in purpose of guaranteeing the security of the state and the inviolability of its borders, the state determines if military units of other countries, their military bases and building complexes can be located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, when as the subject of international law, the state conducts an independent foreign policy; it establishes independent Foreign Policy.

You are independent if the state’s belong land, the earth’s crust, airspace, water, and other natural resources, as well as economic and intellectual, cultural capabilities are the property of its people and the regulation of their governance, usage, and possession is determined by the laws of the Republic of Armenia.

You are independent if on its territory, the state guarantees freedom of speech, press, and conscience; separation of legislative, executive, and judicial powers; a multi-party system; equality of political parties under the law; depoliticization of law enforcement bodies and armed forces.

You are independent if your state guarantees the use of Armenian as the state language in all spheres of the Republic’s life.

Happy 23th Independence Anniversary and we wish realism, will, strength and willingness to act and to change the things which lack for full independence to live in free, independent and sovereign Armenia.