Human Rights Situation of LGBT People in Armenia 2013


Armenia is proclaimed as a democratic country, the basic guideline of which is the institutionalization and implementation of liberal values; therefore, the state and all interested organizations and associations acting within the framework of the Constitution and existing laws need to contribute to the process of forming the society as a bearer of a democratic culture.

Issues regarding sexual orientation and gender identity are usually approached from a negative point of view, defenders of LGBT rights are considered as “traitors of the State”, and LGBT people are presented as enemies of society. As a result, any sphere of social life is becoming a place for discrimination, degradation, and ill treatment and violence. The intimidating activities toward LGBT people and supporters are considered to be new challenges which were not addressed in a comprehensive way. The statements of state officials contribute to human rights violations of LGBT people, creating an atmosphere of impunity.

Despite being a signatory to several international declarations and conventions, the Government of Armenia has failed to address the issue of discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Moreover, recent events show that there is also a lack of knowledge and awareness among society regarding these issues. As a result, the human rights of LGBT people as well as their advocates are being violated in almost all spheres of life.

This report summarizes public and highlighted cases of human rights violations of LGBT people and subsequent events in 2013.