ILGA-Europe launched the Annual Review


Annual Review of the situation of LGBTI people paints a picture at odds with a widespread notion that in Europe the work is done.

Amid rising hate speech and crime, vulnerable people across Europe find themselves disconnected from the popular story of the region’s success in securing LGBTI rights, major human rights review finds.

Annual Review provides a snapshot of what happened during 2019, at national, regional and international levels, and it documents progress and trends regarding the human rights situation of LGBTI people.

ILGA-Europe team highlights once again that this document is not an exercise in apportioning blame. The organization’s goal is not to point fingers at specific countries. Instead, this publication intends to serve as a tool for the exchange of best practices and policies, and as an open invitation for enhanced cooperation between governments and LGBTI civil society.

In the country chapter, the document addresses the main events of Armenia, particularly such human rights violations as access to goods and services, hate speech and hate crime, discrimination, asylum issues, right to health, and gender recognition.

Read the full report and country chapter on Armenia for more information.