Letter to a parent. I’m ready to fight


LGBT persons wrote letters to their families. The organization’s volunteers read them and made videos.

Dear mother-in-law,

maybe, since the day when you found out you’ll have a daughter, your Armenian society lightkeeper has given you an idea that one day someone will call you like mentioned above. But there’s something ironic. You gained the rank. But who addresses you is not your daughter’s knight in shining armor on his white horse. No way. But horses became obsolete in this century, knights got tired of wrestling for false values and flew to “warmer climes”.

You see hundreds of people like me in any public area during a day. Common people with no wish, no desire, no chance to change. Although being “normal”, to adapt and be visible implies daily battle for me, because I do not agree with the statements like “particular person should love particular people”. I dared to love your daughter. With package option, as classic would say.

Never assume that the presence or absence of several centimeters has the power to determine love – that unconditional one. I love her, and right here a pathos seems so out of place, I don’t have the purpose to prove you that I’m the only she’ll be happy with or to bring numbered reasons – why should or it would be good to accept me.

I would just say she is a being of infinite beauty. The features are yours, eye color too. You have a couple of phrases, which she repeats exactly, despite she’ll answer “I’m like my dad” on the question “who do you look like”. I had so much to write, but when it comes, my multi-skilled lexicon retreated. Without her, everything is empty and vain. Maybe it’s not correct to pose “I” through the third person, but I don’t know. You can’t imagine, what we’ve gone through. How many times I knew, I was sure this is the last stop, I’ll not forgive, I’ll not go back, there is no place to understand each other, but circumstances made ourselves closer. If you transform my jealousy into energy, there would be enough power to provide whole Armenia with electricity during seventy years. If transform love – whole world. It’s hard for me too. She’s a difficult and big labyrinth. I’m alone in unraveling it. But it would be great if you’ll get out of your box and try to help me. You’re a unique authority for her, but don’t tell her that I said in this way, she’ll make a drama. Believe me – I never want to force her to make an absurd choice – me or you. Because I don’t think either one of us wants that.

I feel holistic with her. But the price is high. I’m ready to fight, but I don’t wanna fight against you. If it is the only option, be sure, I won’t hold back. It’ll be the only battle, in which I’ll get in, being not confident in my victory. Because there are no winners. In my opinion, love is almost equal to acceptance and understanding. In any way, I’ll hold her hand real tight. I hope you’ll bless me. She’s happy with me and she will as it now. I will not allow anyone to bother us. Her lightness, her darkness – I love both. But it doesn’t mean I’m not scared. And in conclusion, she loves you very much. This is the reason why you’re so important to me.