LGBT ads are not social. Ministry of Culture


The Ministry of Culture has rejected the application of Pink Armenia to recognize the three LGBT advertisements as social ads.

“Do you want everyone to be happy? Then wish us happiness”, “LGBT people are not invisible. You meet them every day”, and “Trans Persons are Part of Our Society” videos and posters were not recognized as social ads on the basis of the decision by the Republican commission adjunct to the authorized body for supervision over the maintenance of legislation on social advertising.

The conclusion, however, was not attached to the letter sent by the ministry.

On November 14, Pink Armenia appealed to the Ministry of Culture to receive the rejection conclusion. When we receive an answer, we will report the details.

On May 27, 2017, LGBT advertising posters were dismantled by the decision of the municipality, reasoning that they were illegally installed. Pink Armenia filed a lawsuit against the Municipality to the Administrative Court of Armenia for removing the advertisements. The lawsuit is currently in the court proceedings.