Nvard Margaryan, president of PINK on the 10th anniversary of the organization


Good day everyone,

I sincerely thank you for the warm congratulations and wishes on behalf of the Pink Armenia.

The 10th anniversary of Pink Armenia is an important moment for all of us. First of all, we celebrate our birthday and remember the journey the organization has had, all the successes and obstacles that have made us more experienced and powerful.

Each of the past 10 years of PINK can be called a year of change. Each of these changes is very important for us, our employees and the LGBT people in Armenia. However, this does not mean that the changes made are enough. Moreover, PINK will continue to rely on these changes and continue its work because this is the best opportunity for us to look not only towards our past journey but also towards our mission and vision. Our core values ​​have always been our foundations, the desire to change, and the faith, as well as the efforts of each employee of the organization, members, and the volunteers to make the most unrealistic ideas into reality.

It is especially important for me to see that the organization grows day by day, the capacity of the members of the organization develops each minute, as well as the accumulated experiences in the past years makes it possible for us to react more flexibly and effectively to each case and that all this is our daily routine and is moving simultaneously.

Our colleagues, friends, and acquaintances have often asked us how it happened that we remained motivated all these 10 years. The answer to this question is very clear to us: it is important for us to have the right to a dignified life and self-actualization in our society, each individual being able to express themselves the way they are.

Once again, I congratulate all of us, especially the PINK Armenia team, members of the board, as well as all the present and former employees and volunteers of the organization, and of course, thanks to the LGBT community members who have believed in us and supported the organization from the very first day of its establishment.

Let’s make it towards a new decade together!

Nvard Margaryan