Pansexuality and Panromantic Visibility Day


May 24 is Pansexuality and Panromantic Visibility Day. Pansexuality is the expression of sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction to people, regardless of their sex or gender identity. For pansexual people, a person’s sex or gender identity is not a reason for being emotionally or sexually attracted to them. We can say that for pansexuals, a person’s personality is primary, regardless of their gender identity. Almost all of the characteristics mentioned above are fundamental when choosing a partner for panromantic people too, except for sexual relationships, as being pan-romantic means having the ability to feel romantic attraction to people of any gender.

It is interesting that pansexuality is often confused with bisexuality, but it should be noted that although they are somewhat similar, however, there is some difference between these two concepts. Bisexuality is based on attraction to two or more sexes or genders, and pansexuals can be attracted to people of any gender identity: female, male, transgender, non-binary, agender, etc.

According to a popular myth, pansexuals are more likely to have sexual relationships and less likely to be monogamous. Of course, this is not true. They may prefer monogamy or polygamy with the same probability as heterosexual or homosexual people.

This year, in the framework of IDAHOBIT, pansexual-themed stickers were made during the sticker workshop organized by Pink. The works of Lin Kira are presented in the photo above.

On May 24, as part of Pansexual and Panromantic Day, we can confirm that pansexuals are an integral part of the LGBT+ community, and it is essential to talk about them.