Pink’s annual planning


We started off the new year with the annual staff retreat, despite the challenges that we have faced as an organization recently. Pink’s staff had the opportunity to reflect on the organization’s work during the past year, as well as actively plan ahead the upcoming activities, policies and most importantly, the strategic plan.

The retreat took place from January 13th until the 16th and was headed by Pink’s chairperson, Lilit Avetisyan, as well as the newly appointed executive director, Vaghinak Ter-Hovhannisyan. The strategic planning was moderated by Nvard Margaryan, Pink’s former chairperson and current board member.

Pink’s team members briefly presented an overview of 2020 and reflected on the urgent needs of LGBT community revealed during the challenging times of the previous year. The lasting effects of two main challenging factors of 2020, the pandemic and the war, had a considerable impact on the organization’s plans, as well as the overall focus of the activities. All these discussions and results were reflected in the strategic focuses for 2021.

Starting from 2021, Pink will continue executing in four main strategic paths for the coming years, which go as the following:

  1. Development of the potential of LGBT people and the movement,
  2. Study of public perceptions of LGBT issues,
  3. Protection and advocacy of the human rights of LGBT people,
  4. Capacity building and sustainability of the organization.

The importance of protecting the human rights of LGBT people in Armenia is more important than ever. Having said that, Pink realizes the important role it has to play in making Armenia a safer and inclusive place for all.