Recap | July 2023


“Sigh – a club to relieve the stress:” Pink’s new event series

Pink has started a new series of community events titled “Sigh – a club to relieve stress.” The club is a safe space where participants can freely discuss topics that interest or worry them.

The series of these new events started in June, when the group had discussions within the framework of Pride Month, studying the history of Pride Month and the experience of other countries celebrating Pride Month to implement their expertise in Armenian reality.

The club’s discussion topics were then expanded to include art activism, where participants learned to make journals and sketch stickers. In the framework of the new events, Pink also regularly holds movie screenings, sketching workshops, and awareness events to raise awareness about sexual consent and personal boundaries.

The events take place every week. Each week, the discussions are on different topics and are accompanied by the implementation of various workshops and exercises aimed at elevating personal well-being.

To participate in the events, you can follow Pink’s social platforms and find out the schedules of upcoming discussions.

Pink’s new cooperation with Doctors Without Borders humanitarian organization

Pink human rights defender NGO has started cooperating with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate “Doctors Without Borders” (Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)) international humanitarian aid non-governmental organization. The organization is known for its programs implemented in war zones and countries in the epidemic’s epicenter.

The partnership between Pink and Doctors Without Borders aims to raise awareness about Hepatitis C, providing diagnosis and treatment. On this occasion, an awareness event on hepatitis was held at Pink’s office on International Hepatitis Day. The participants obtained information about Hepatitis C, its expansion, prevention and treatment from experienced doctors, and in the end, they strengthened their knowledge about the topic through interactive games.

As part of this program, you can get referrals from Pink for free Hepatitis B and C and HIV testing at the newly opened clinic. Call Pink’s hotline: 033-522-533 for a free examination and referral to register.

Crisis management training for Eastern European Coalition for LGBT+ Equality member organizations

In 2014, Pink Armenia became a member of the Eastern European Coalition for LGBT+ Equality, a network of LGBT+ organizations from the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and Russia. The Coalition’s activities mainly focus on working with the LGBT community, aiming to improve the situation for LGBT+ people and their problems in the countries mentioned above and the region. The Coalition works towards strengthening the potential of the LGBT+ movement, improving legislation governing the situation of the LGBT+ community, as well as aims to disseminate information on the situation of the LGBT+ community and to support LGBT+ activists in the region.

Eastern European Coalition for LGBT+ Equality organized crisis management training for non-governmental organizations from July 12-14, 2023 with the help of organization called Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia. The chairperson of Pink human rights defender NGO, Karine Aghajanyan, and the head of communications, Mamikon Hovsepyan, participated in the training. During the training, the participants were introduced to the methods of managing organizations in crisis, the nuances of effective work organization, and the well-being of employees.

Participating in crisis and risk management trainings is vital in improving non-governmental organizations’ activities. Pink employees will implement the knowledge they have acquired to ensure the organization’s well-being.