Recap | March 2023


“How do I feel about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people?” quiz

In March, we published our new quiz in Armenian that allows participants to test their attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Many people are sure they know about their attitude, but this game may help the participants discover your viewpoint from a new perspective.

By the way, it is anonymous and requires no personal data or registration to participate.

At the same time, the quiz is an educational tool aimed at raising LGBT awareness and highlighting the importance of tolerance in Armenian society.

GBT people remain oppressed in prisons

The Prison Monitoring Group, which Pink is a member of, has released its 2021 annual report.

In 2021, the group monitored the detention conditions of gay, bisexual and transgender people in prisons, as well as the attitude towards them, and found out that in 2021 discrimination against GBT people has not disappeared; in fact, it continues systemically. It is also noted that GBT people in prisons live together, separately from other prisoners, and their cells are mostly in poor condition.

Concerning keeping GBT people separate from other prisoners, the monitoring group notes that this practice in prisons is masquerading under the pretense of keeping the prisoners safe. In fact, this is a manifestation of discrimination itself, and it further deepens discrimination and stigma against LGBT people.

“Communication and public perception” training

On March 3-5, Pink held a communication training to shape attitudes towards LGBT people in Armenia. The training aimed to introduce NGOs and initiatives dealing with LGBT issues with the specifics of strategic communication, particularly methods of building communication aimed at accepting LGBT people in Armenia.

Participants were introduced to the basic principles and purpose of strategic communication and the “Heartwired” method developed by the American research partner of Pink. The training participants got acquainted with the tool designed for deepening relations with the target audience and the principles of developing messages.