Recap | September 2023


September once again proved to be a challenging month for Armenian society, as thousands of fellow Armenians endured the consequences of Azerbaijani aggression. Many lost their lives or sustained injuries while defending their families and homes. This ongoing humanitarian crisis in Artsakh has reached a critical stage, resulting in the displacement of countless individuals from their residences. Currently, activists, non-governmental organizations, and the government are working tirelessly to relocate these displaced persons within Armenia and offer them much-needed assistance. Pink is also actively participating in these efforts through various coalitions and collaborative networks operating in Armenia. Our volunteers in Goris and Vayk cities are involved in the registration and support of forcibly displaced persons.

Pink’s new support program for the people of Artsakh

Pink is initiating a new support project for residents of Artsakh in response to the violent events that occurred on September 19, 2023, and the consequent forced displacement of people to Armenia. Thanks to financial backing from the US Embassy, Pink is launching this initiative to provide social support to displaced LGBTQ+ individuals and their families from Artsakh.

The organization is prepared to offer essential assistance, including housing, food, and healthcare, to those in need. Additionally, specialized LGBTQ+ sensitive professional support and services, such as social workers, psychologists, and lawyers, will be accessible, along with referrals to relevant resources.

For social support inquiries, please contact Pink’s hotline at 033 522533, or you can contact the organization via email at [email protected].

Introducing the “Voices of Resilience” psychotherapy groups launch

It is widely acknowledged that during times of conflict and militarization, vulnerable communities become even more susceptible to distress. In such challenging circumstances, the provision of psychological support emerges as a crucial tool for alleviating stress and fostering healing. Extensive research has demonstrated the effectiveness of peer support and community-based psychological groups when individuals share similar life experiences and circumstances. With this in mind, Pink has initiated psychological support groups specifically designed for women, queer, and intersex individuals. These groups aim to explore various topics, including developing coping skills for high-pressure situations, enhancing resilience, promoting self-compassion, and fostering self-awareness. The Women’s Fund generously supports these endeavors financially. The remarkable level of interest and participation within the community underscores the pressing need for such psychological support groups. Maintaining one’s mental well-being in challenging circumstances poses a significant challenge. In line with Pink’s unwavering commitment to its principles, these initiatives strive to create safe spaces where individuals can prioritize their mental health and overall well-being.

English conversation group course

Pink launched the English conversation group course in July, led by one of the organization’s volunteers, who is an English specialist. The group collectively selects discussion topics, and at each meeting, various subjects are explored exclusively in English to enhance their speaking proficiency. The group gathers twice weekly.