Training for students specializing in mental health


Pink Human Rights Defender NGO organized a three-day training for students specializing in mental health. The aim of the training was to increase the awareness and sensitivity of future professionals on topics related to sexuality.

During the sessions, the participants explored issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, and the unique mental health issues faced by LGBT+ people. The comprehensive approach was aimed at equipping future mental health professionals with various tools and knowledge related to sexuality.

The feature of the training was its interactive nature. Participants were actively engaged in discussions and case studies that encouraged open dialogue and exchange of ideas. Practical work was carried out not only for the purpose of deep understanding of theoretical knowledge, but also for the purpose of training practical skills. Their aim was to make the participants feel better equipped to deal with the difficulties associated with different aspects of sexuality in their activities.

During the training, special attention was paid to creating an inclusive and safe environment for discussing sensitive topics. Feedback from participants reaffirmed the importance of efforts to create a supportive and respectful environment and discussion of sexuality.

This positive experience reinforces our decision to continue to engage in sexuality awareness and sensitization among both practitioners and students specializing in their fields.