This is What a Movement Looks Like


This has been a year filled with opportunities and challenges. We celebrated numerous achievements of Armenian LGBTI movement. 10 brave people came out in documentary “Listen to Me” and shared their untold stories.

The only LGBTI community center which PINK Armenia established in 2013 hosted hundreds of visitors for self-organized meeting, trainings, movie screening, queer talks and more. The center became the second home for our community where people could share their happiness and sadness, learn from each other, and support to develop a stronger movement.

We have also faced continued human rights violations of LGBTI people in Armenia. PINK Armenia provided numerous services to the community with the help of psychologists, lawyers, social workers and other specialists working in the organization.

We wish LGBTI people, allies and supporter a Happy New Year full of achievements and celebrations. May every day of the new year glow with love and bravery.