To discredit the law on domestic violence it’s being linked to LGBT people


“Foreign emissaries are working with Armenian youth to propagate perversion under the pretext of the law against domestic violence,” says the president of “Pan Armenian Parental Committee” Arman Boshyan. It must be noted, that by saying perversion he means LGBT people.

The opponents of the law against domestic violence are speculating LGBT subject by linking it with the law in order to shed a negative light on the law. Being well aware of the fact that the vast majority of the Armenia’s population does not accept LGBT people, they want to create an impression that the state wants to adopt the law to protect LGBT individuals’ interests and rights; or as the opponents of the law would put it, to “spread perversion.”

This is how one of the opponents of the law, president of the organization “For the Sake of Sovereignty Restoration” Hayk Nahapetyan interprets the law:

“Domestic violence is defined as physical, psychological, sexual, economic violence within the family units – between the present and ex-spouses or partners. It’s not a secret for anyone who the partners are – the homosexual couples. What is the link between the affirmation of homosexual couples and the law on preventing domestic violence?”

Media outlets against the law also speculate the matter of homosexuality in their analytical articles. For example, responding to the comment of MP Mane Tandilyan, that “The family is not only your private place,” Noyan Tapan news agency writes:

“Then whose place is it? Is it the place of police or organizations operating on western money, including the ones propagating homosexuality and perversion, or grant-sucking non-governmental organizations which deal with LGBT rights, the support centers, and their staff to be established in case of adoption of the law as envisaged in the draft?”

Another media outlet,, links the law against domestic violence with LGBT people because the advocates of the law are the organizations which work in the sphere or support LGBT human rights.

“Recently the Armenian organizations working on women rights issues carry out massive propaganda and awareness-raising activities directed to the protection of LGBT rights. Among those organizations, “Women’s Resource Center” acts more openly. Under the pretext of women rights protection and the fight against domestic violence, together with a group of supports it propagates perversion and spreads pornographic literature in the whole country.”

And the author of an analytical article in expressed his resentment over the fact that the Deputy Minister of Justice Vigen Kocharyan was being friendly with the members of the women’s rights organizations during the discussion of the law in National Assembly, and therefore, he writes:

“I have never seen such warm relations between an Armenian official and members of NGOs which work and propagate for homosexual rights.”

* photo is captured from Radio Liberty video: “Combating Domestic Violence” public discussion