UPR: The status of human rights of women and LGBT people in Armenia


This report is a joint contribution to the 21st session of the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR). It was prepared by Public Information and Need of Knowledge, Society Without Violence, Women’s Resource Center and Women’s Support Center NGOs with the support of the Human Rights House Foundation.

Human rights violations of women and LGBT people have been a matter of deep concern during the last four years. The issues raised in this report reveal both external and internal challenges that both women and LGBT people, as well as human rights advocates of these issues are facing in their work. They were selected due to their importance, urgency and widespread nature. Violations of human dignity, physical and psychological abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, as well as discrimination and hate speech by private and public actors, and lack of appropriate response by state institutions to effectively address these violations continuously contributes to the acceptance of culture of impunity and legitimization of illegal acts or inactions towards women and LGBT people in Armenia.

The report is available here.