pins and braceletsOne of the main aspects of PINK Armenia’s work has always been and still remains a focus on volunteering work. Periodic meetings with volunteers, which became a tradition for the organization, where the work of the past months is being summed up and future plans are being discussed did not stand apart from this year’s agenda as well.

On September 9 and 11 the office of PINK Armenia hosted more than 20 volunteers. Some of them already few years experience of volunteering at PINK, and the others were relatively new. A pleasure it was, that the ones who take their first steps in volunteering are eager to join our volunteer family.

During the meetings volunteers had a chance to get to know each other, got acquainted with organization’s activities and news, with the work done by international and more than 50 local volunteers. During the event, PINK handed certificates to the most active and dedicated volunteers for devoted work and their contribution to organization’s activities.

5 interesting facts about volunteering

  • Leaders in the number of volunteers in the world are considered as Norway (57% of the population), Luxembourg (55% of the population) and Cameroon (53%).
  • 70% of volunteers got involved in an unpaid job in order to reconsider their understanding on life, people and job.
  • The economic value for volunteer work in South Korea is US$2 billion a year.
  • In 1998, an estimated 109 million adults were volunteering in America.
  • In Japan, 26% of people have an experience of volunteer work. 48% out of them are convinced that the volunteer work is very useful for one’s personal growth and for the society as a whole.