Volunteers’ Day at PINK


On December 5, 1985, UN General Assembly suggested governments to celebrate this day every year as International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development.

Volunteers are people who are contributing their free time and efforts for the production of a ‘public good’.

“Public Information and Need of Knowledge” (PINK Armenia) NGO didn’t leave its volunteers without congratulations as well. On December the 5th, together with “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO an event took place dedicated to Volunteer’s Day in “Public Information and Need of Knowledge” NGO office. Volunteers of above mentioned two organizations attended the event. Volunteers had an opportunity to meet each other, to do presentations about their volunteering experience, play group games and communicate with each other in a non formal atmosphere. The organizations handed certificates of appreciation to the most active and devoted volunteers during the event. This meeting greatly inspired and motivated volunteers for their future activities. It also became an example for those volunteers, who just start to get involved in volunteering activities.