We celebrated the National Day to Fight for LGBT+ Rights with the community


This is already the second year that we are celebrating the 3rd of August as the National Day to Fight for LGBT+ Rights. This year we celebrated the day with colors and diversity. LGBT+ people were invited to the event which was organized in our office, during which we talked about the importance of celebrating and declaring such a day in Armenia. We also discussed and planned to make this day more visible next year.

Our organization’s lawyer had prepared role-plays for the participants, during which the participants developed a better understanding of their rights and ​​how to protect them. Various questions were raised during the game, which were discussed with the specialists.

At the end of the event, we had a video call with our regional office, as they were celebrating as well. During the video call, the participants greeted each other and cut the colorful cake together.

Valuing the significance of the National Day to Fight for LGBT+ Rights, we will anticipate greater events in the coming years. We hope that not only LGBT+ people from Yerevan and the regions will join us, but also various organizations and supporters will be ready and willing to make their full contribution towards the promotion of equality and protection of rights in Armenia.