Wikipedia for Peace. Queer [edit] youth exchange program took place


From August 2 to 10, a youth exchange program was successfully implemented in Vienna, in which 5 young people from Armenia also participated.

During the summer camp, young people living in Armenia, Austria, France, Spain and Tunisia gathered to edit and create Wikipedia articles.

Wikipedia is a free-content, multilingual encyclopedia created by Wikipedia users in a freely editable format. Basically, anyone living in the world with access to the Internet can edit, proofread and create new articles on any topic. Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly to become the largest comprehensive information network.

On average, 67 million people use Wikipedia every day, and there are more than 118,900 editors on the network who are working on more than 43 million articles in about 285 languages ​​at the same time.

Thus, the participants of the program learned through workshops to edit, translate and write articles on Wikipedia, focusing on the history of queer people, the concepts that describe them and the issues of queer people. At the same time, there were discussions about gender diversity, issues of LGBTI+ people, queer politics, various social movements, particularly the queer movement. The main goal of the project is to increase the visibility of LGBTI+ issues on Wikipedia in different languages ​​through edited and written articles, as well as to motivate queer youth to get involved in the development and creation of content on the largest online encyclopedia in the world.

During and at the end of the program, the participants published Armenian-language articles about famous queer people and queer culture.