Arousyag campaign is coming to the end


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Pink human rights defender and Women’s Resource Center non-governmental organizations launched Arousyag online campaign to help raise money for women and LGBT people who have found themselves in difficult and desperate situations. The campaign will end on August 15th, 2020.

We thank all those who have donated, spread information about the campaign, shared the campaign page with their friends, and have sent us many kind and encouraging comments.

As the organizers of the campaign, we highly value the care and compassion of our supporters, which enables our organizations to continue the much-needed work, relentlessly fighting for the safety of the beneficiaries, the protection of their rights, and the promotion of equality.

Our hearts filled with joy once again, when we learned that the very people who donated to our campaign had also made a great contribution to the reconstruction of the villages in the Tavush region that had suffered from opponent fire.

They also fund efforts to support the victims of the recent explosion in Beirut, which is an urgent issue these days.

We have no doubt that kindness can change the world, and as a result, the world will one day become a safe, supportive, developing, friendly place for everyone.

We love you and we assure you that the kindness you donated will touch the hearts of hundreds of people, and we will all feel the positive results.