“Image of Violence. Human Rights and Women Issues” event in Vanadzor


In Armenia and internationally 16 days of activism against gender-based violence is celebrated each year from November 25 until December 10. This year’s message is “Unite to prevent the violence”. Gender-based violence is related to anyone, and each of us can take a step to break the chains of all types of gender-based violence.

On December 6, 2023 “Pink” human rights defender NGO together with the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women organized the “Image of Violence. Human rights and women issues” event. It took place at one of the Vanadzor’s cafes where the representatives of the member organizations of the Coalition to Stop Violence against Women talked about how we understand the representations of gender-based discrimination and violence, the cases of domestic violence and existing support mechanisms in the country, the issues that women face in ensuring their sexual and reproductive health and rights and protection from sexual violence and assaults.

The speakers also shared their experience of providing support to women who are survivors of violence, women living with HIV, women living with disability, lesbian, bisexual and trans women, and other women with various backgrounds. They also mentioned the existing support mechanisms for all women: support centers and NGOs, and available hotlines.

The event ended with the exhibition of posters and symbolic photos based on the stories and cases of women who survived discrimination or violence and femicide cases.

The Stories

In the Armenian version, we present stories of women who survived violence and discrimination, the documented cases of gender-based discrimination and violence, femicide cases. Women can be different, their stories and cases are different, but gender-based discrimination and violence remain the same. Through unity, we can prevent violence against women.