Mural in Glendale Central Library and the pink map


Sophia Gasparian, an artist in Los Angeles made this breathtaking mural in Reflect Space, which is a gallery located in City of Glendale’s Central Library.

“I was commissioned to install a mural on Armenian history. I chose images of Goddess Anahid, Ottoman gendarmes slaughtering Armenian toddlers, an Armenian Genocide survivor orphan wearing traditional taraz, Soviet Armenian children and current diaspora teenagers.” – Sophia told us.

“I decided to paint the 6.7 meter wide gallery wall in three shades of red. For design purposes, for blood shed & for the map of Armenia, I chose a shade of pink to represent our Armenian queers who are currently struggling with basic human rights in their own homeland.

I am outraged at the atrocities constantly committed against the LGBTQ humans due to lack of queer education  in Armenia.”

Sophia dedicate this mural to Pink Armenia & Equality Armenia, sister organizations in Yerevan and Los Angeles.

I stand with you in solidarity and I know that education is the only solution to establish equal rights.
– Sophia Gasparian

We are thankful to talented artist Sophia for her support and solidarity, and for raising the visibility of LGBTQ issues in Armenian Diaspora.