Silenced reality


On May 15 during the “LGBT Rights in Armenia: Silenced Reality” conference human rights activists and representatives of the international community discussed the situation of LGBT rights in Armenia.

The event was aimed at further raising public awareness on non-discrimination and the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and at discussing the issues of tolerance, acceptance and integration of LGBT people into society.

The local and international human rights experts discussed the survey on public opinion towards LGBT people, which was presented by the “Public Information and Need of Knowledge” (PINK) NGO.  Open debates were also about LGBT rights perception, issue of freedom of speech, and what should be done to further ensure that laws guaranteeing equal rights are properly applied.

Ambassador Traian Hristea, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia and Maria Dotsenko, Representative of the UN Department of Public Information spoke about the non-discrimination, tolerance, human rights and importance of protection of the rights of sexual and other minorities.

Respect and protection of human rights is the core value of the UN, defined at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the founding documents of the United Nations.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are sensitive subjects, but there is a need to speak out because lives and human dignity are at stake. The principle of non-discrimination requires that human rights apply equally to every human being regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The European Union is committed to defending the universal and indivisible nature of human rights. It actively promotes and protects them both within its borders and in its relations with partner countries.

The event was organized by the “Public Information and Need of Knowledge” NGO and supported by the UN Department of Public Information Yerevan office and the European Union.