Today is the National Day to Fight for LGBT+ Rights in Armenia: it is celebrated for the first time


The human rights defender organizations of Armenia have organized different events to fight against discrimination towards LGBT people and to protect their rights. Many public discussions and meetings have been held with law enforcement bodies, the members of the National Assembly, and the representatives of other state bodies. The organizations have joined IDAHOBIT week, “Rainbow” Forum has taken place, etc.

The implementation of such events are important: they help to raise the issue of discrimination towards LGBT people and to draw the attention of the international and state bodies to the problems they face.

We have decided to accentuate the struggle for equality of LGBT people which has been lasting for decades in Armenia. And for this, we establish the National Day to Fight for LGBT+ Rights. It is declared today, on August 3rd, and symbolizes the long fight against discrimination, which will be crowned with success one day. This struggle is sometimes discouraging and exhaustive, but we are sure, that only this struggle can lead to society, where every person’s rights are defended equally, and everyone is free regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

We call on all LGBT individuals, their friends, parents, allies, LGBT diaspora and national human rights defender organizations to join this fight and not to retreat from the obstacles that arise.

The staff members of the organization represent the situation of LGBT people’s rights in Armenia and speak about the meaning of the day in the video. And members of the LGBT community and their friends tell about the results of their fight for equality.